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Why We're A #2 Best Seller

I ordered this for my great- grandson who is 6. He loved it!I just ordered two more for my other two greats and I’m sure they will love it too.

Everyone in the family enjoyed this book! I think the adults laughed as much as the kiddos did! And it was quite educational too. Fun read! Great gift idea.

I never knew how much fun a book about poop could be! My 2 year old absolutely loves this book! She thinks it is so funny to count the poops and tell me which animals are making the poops!

My daughter and I loved everything about this book! Very educational with a little humor! Just our style. I think it would be a fun read for a young classroom as well!


Meet The Author

Kelly Lee Culbreth


Kelly Lee is a Midwestern girl that never paid much attention to the cattle, corn and soybean fields growing up - until her sister married a farmer! After years of visits to the farm, Kelly quickly learned that the farm is covered in brown goo! But, that stinky stuff has a purpose, because without it, the garden and crops won't grow! 


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